I'm Karl: My Time At Wedo

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I’m Karl: My time at Wedo

My time at wedo saw me Invited to an interview, which we arranged in the City Centre of Xativa, in the Valencian province, in Spain. That was Thursday 22nd July 2021, 11 am.

Originally introduced by a mutual friend, I was attending an interview for what I thought was for Personal Assistant, but by the end of an almost 2-hour long interview – Indy said she didn´t want a PA, as that job had already been assigned, but would I consider being an Executive Assistant… “Oh and could I start on Monday the following week” …

It was over the weekend, that things like ID were requested etc. Indy messaged me with a google pin address, ready for me to turn up to. No actual address, just a google pin, & I was thinking what…??

My first day Indy greeted me, settled me in, and said “You don´t really know what we do here at wedo, do you? Well, we sell drugs to children!” …

I looked at my bag, then at the door to see if I could make a safe escape all in a split second… my Face must have told 1,000 stories, and I was brought from my panic buy Indy´s infectious laugh… Obviously a joke, but what an Ice Breaker that was…

The rest of my time here has been a bit of a blur to be honest, catching up on Indy´s email inbox, seems to be the priority, along with setting Indy tasks and organising the diary with meetings etc. Oh, and for the record – Indy gets A LOT of emails… 

The other important thing here at wedo towers is, the two Labrador dogs…! They love to escape if you don´t lock and secure the gates closed…! They got me twice in the first week… clever little puppies… Lottie (or Podenqui as she has now been named by Priscila) can scale walls, and always comes back safe, and sound, it´s just Mimi & Lulu that are the escape artists…

In my time here at wedo, I have travelled to Lisbon to support the team exhibit at Web Summit 2021, as well as wedo being Platinum sponsors at the Valencia Tech Start Up Summit 2021. I have also got to meet and talk with some exciting people, Shirrel Thomas, who is amazing and so inspiring, and taught me so much about Instagram, in just that one meeting… Sailing round the Mediterranean with some of the wedo team who joined us in Valencia, including the fabulous Pattie Howard, as well as Aloe Blacc. The 3rd week of work was Indy´s 50th Birthday. Indy even took a day off work, to be with her children, exploring Valencia, and the Science Museum.

The Birthday lunch was al fresco, out on the terrace overlooking Xativa, with the Castle on the mountains… and it comprised of freshly squeezed orange juice a la Indy, ice cold water, homemade vegan Banana pancakes, with a range of toppings from Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Lemon juice and sugar, complete with preserves and chocolate spread… and I got an invite to… it was amazing, just being part of Indy´s family Birthday lunch, hearing the children talk of fun times gone by, reminiscing and joking with each other. It was so special to be part of.

I admit, I had a moment afterwards, up in the offices on my own, as it reminded me, I could never sit with my Mum on her Birthday or see her again. She passed on Friday 23rd July 2021, the day after my interview with Indy. I had messaged her on the Thursday after the interview (as she had no voice, and I couldn´t talk to her) that I got the job, and she messaged back saying she was so pleased and proud of me. She then passed, an hour before Indy confirmed I had the job and Dan sent over the contract proposal…  I genuinely believe I will meet with my Mum again, and I am constantly looking out for those tell-tale signs she is around me… Again, another subject Indy and I discussed and agree with, that, in-itself, is another podcast waiting to happen… not sure who our audience would be though… Live or spirit… it will be fun to find out…

I really can´t prepare my workday, as things constantly are updating and being flexible is the key, I have found… There is no typical day, only the email and task priorities, and giving Indy the 15-, 10- and 5-minute meeting countdown.

Here´s to the wedo future, as the future is, Definitely Wes…!

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