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The banking superapp
for building
revenue streams

Create subscriptions, monetise communities, manage payments, and launch your products. is your all-in-one business building platform

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Earn your first $ with empowers you to create a thriving hub for your community and team. With our integrated video, chat and events tools, you can effortlessly build revenue streams.

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Your community hub 🌐

Engage members with video and audio chats. Consolidate and manage your community from Linkedin, WhatsApp, Telegram, Clubhouse, or Facebook in one place. Hold workshops and take payments all in one space.

Monetize your expertise 💡

Unlock your community’s potential. Create monthly subscriptions, host exclusive events, and share premium content. With, your community is not just a network; it’s a revenue powerhouse.

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Wedo Money- your financial ally 🏦

Effortlessly manage finances with the Wedo Money account. Seamlessly accept payments, send invoices, and track earnings. Plus, enjoy the convenience of a virtual and/or physical Wedo Mastercard debit card for you and your team to easily disperse payments to staff and vendors.

Turn your network into an interactive community

With, you can build culture, grow, engage, and go global

Build epic networks
to deliver value
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Focus on what you do best with a platform that helps you monetize and deliver quality for your tribe.

Convert free members to
paying customers
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You’ve spent a lot of time building your brand and cultivating the people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Stay organized and
save time and money
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Spend time on what matters. From community management to payments, streamlines your operations. 

Schedule a demo

Find out how can help you find and hire talent with AI, promote your brand and culture, and automate the admin in one seamless easy superapp.

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