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Who is Wedo for?

Wedo.ai is for the dreamers, the doers, the innovators,

and the change-makers. Join us today!

Top performing entrepreneurs love using Wedo AI

Matt Plapp

The ROI Engine

"This helped my agency get away from $2000-3000 in expenses, but I also have a lot of agencies that I trained that don't have the need for the softwares. When I got them into the software, they were able to build in the efficiencies into one place right out the gate."

Julius Barbu

CEO Fadcycle

"I felt completely supported as soon as I joined the platform...The technology is continuing to advance while getting better and better. They are providing new AI services and really cool automations."

Jenn Ty

CEO Flow Massage Therapy

"It's been a complete game-changer for me. We've built our whole business around it now. We'll never go back."

Wedo AI is…

Your financial hub

Make payments, send contracts, invoices and manage your accounts in multiple currencies all in one hub. Keep track of your finances and automate your billing. Gaining traction and earning revenues has never been easier.

Wedo AI offers you the ability to...

  • Manage and hold multiple currencies

  • Make cross-border payments with ease

  • ​​Pay your team and hire contractors and employees

  • Manage contracts

  • Automate invoices

  • ...and more!

Wedo AI Replaces:

However, Wedo AI doesn't stop there...

Wedo AI is the one stop shop for all your online marketing, sales, and delivery needs

Have everything you need in one central location!

To succeed online, you need a funnel

Funnels help you make money and convert leads!

Build funnels

Let’s face it — If you want customers on your website, you need to have the plan to advertise and drive traffic there. A website in the middle of nowhere will not get any visitors unless its owner takes proactive steps to bring people there.

A "Funnel" saves the day.

A funnel is a pathway potential customers take to get to your website and buy your products.

Easily build, test and optimize your funnels

with Wedo AI

Without a funnel

  • No prospects

  • ​No pipeline

  • ​Difficult to buy

  • ​Lack of Information

With a funnel

  • Flood of customers

  • Limitless sales

  • ​Easy purchase process

  • ​​Necessary information to make an educated decision

Would you like to provide a pathway for your

clients to make educated decisions?

Then sign up for Wedo AI today!

Wedo AI helps you manage your reputation and attract new customers!

Our platform is integrated with sites such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Instagram or TikTok and you can leverage those platforms to bring users TO your Funnel. If you've clicked on an ad while using one of those sites before, your landing page was likely a funnel similar to ours! In fact, you're inside of a funnel right now! But that's not all that Wedo AI does...

Wedo AI allows you to digitally market, sell, and deliver your products to customers.

All your needs in one spot!

Wedo AI Is…

Your website creator

In the past, designing and developing a website or blog took tech skills, time and effort. With Wedo AI, you can create a whole site in just a few hours!

Wedo AI offers you...

  • A fully customizable, drag-and-drop page builder that anyone can use regardless of computer skills.

  • ​​Hundreds of gorgeously designed page templates.

  • Amazing loading speeds.

Wedo AI Replaces:

Wedo AI Is…

Your checkout

No matter what you sell, be it all-natural soaps, professional services, or ebooks, an efficient checkout process is key.

With Wedo AI,

you can...

  • upload products, images, videos and descriptions with a click of a button!

  • create a checkout page that converts without needing coding skills in minutes.

  • sell more and spend less with our 1-click upsells, downsells, and order bumps!

Wedo AI Replaces:

Your own personally

branded chat bot!

Wedo AI Is…

Your AI chat bot

Train your bot with your FAQ, your web pages, or load a complete knowledge base so that your customers can have their queries answered instantly on your website.

With Wedo AI,

you can...

  • Live Chat: Manage your live chat on Web like never before. Put it on autopilot and let it respond to customers while you sleep, or use it for prompts and respond directly. Managing your customer service has never been easier!

  • SMS responses: Never miss a text and allow your chat bot to respond effortlessly to frequent questions and then alert you when the conversation needs to be taken further to a human in the loop.

  • GBP (Google Business Profile): Train the bot to respond to google reviews and thank your customers for leaving reviews.

  • Facebook and Instagram Messages: Manage FB and IG with ease. With Wedo AI, you can train your bot to send information to customer queries or create a sequence that takes your customers through a positive user journey.

Wedo AI Is…

Your membership site

Do you want to generate recurring revenue? Building a membership site is your ticket to a thriving online business.

With membership sites,

you can...

  • Grow a thriving subscription-based business for a stream of monthly revenue.

  • ​Upload training videos and content in minutes without spending money on outside video software.

  • ​​Build and strengthen your tribe by unlocking and releasing new content all within the membership area.

  • Without fretting over new clientele, you can grow a prosperous subscription-based business with a monthly recurring revenue.

  • You can upload your training videos and content in minutes without spending money on outside video software.

  • New content will continually be released inside the membership area so your tribe may stay strong and united.

Wedo AI Replaces:

Wedo AI Is…

Your CRM

It's important to not only get customers in the door, but keep them coming back for more if you want your business to succeed.

With Wedo AI,

you can...

  • Grow your business by developing strong relationships with your customers and monitoring their progress in real-time.

  • Create customer funnels that activate based on their behavior.

  • ​Create products your customers will love by getting a detailed insight into what they actually want!

Wedo AI Replaces:

Wedo AI Is…

Your email marketing platform

Email marketing is essential to scaling your online business.

Wedo AI Email Marketing allows you to...

  • Composing and bulk sending emails to your followers has never been easier.

  • Design and implement email automation programs based on customer interactions.

  • ​Our email deliverability support team will ensure that your messages reach your customers' inboxes.

Wedo AI Replaces:

Wedo AI Is…

Your reporting

Make decisions based on the data easily accessible in your dashboard. Save time and money by using data instead of trial and error.

With Wedo AI Reporting, you can...

  • Always know which parts of your funnel are generating leads and which parts need adjusting.

  • Monitor your open rates, click-through rates, page conversion rate, average cart value, and more.

  • See how your students have progressed (or are progressing) if you sell digital courses and memberships.

  • And a whole lot more from analytics to financial tracking!

Wedo AI Replaces:

Wedo AI gives you the tools and resources you need to succeed online in

ONE seamless integrated app!

Leverage AI to optimize, schedule and run your ads

Easily train AI bots to help manage customers

Manage reviews and set responses

on autopilot with AI

Schedule your social media across

platforms with AI

Convert your online visitors

into paying customers

Create your web presence

exactly the way you want

Turn your knowledge, passion or

experience into revenue

Manage your students or leads and

turn them into fans

Create an online store to sell

your products online

Reach your audience on the channels they use

Run A/B tests on your website, funnels

or email campaigns

Create a blog that positions you as an expert

Get the data you need to

grow your business

Manage money, payments, accounts and more

Create powerful workflows to automate

your marketing

Create your product once and

sell it across multiple funnels

Discover Wedo AI!


Do updates cost anything?

Wedo AI is on the cloud, so any updates or new features we add will automatically appear in your account--and you'll get these updates as part of your subscription.

Is my website secure?

We built Wedo AI with security as our primary focus so you can rest assured knowing your funnels, subscribers, and members area are well-protected.

What is the duration of your contracts?

Wedo AI offers a flexible payment plan- you can use Wedo AI month to month, and cancel at any time with no long term contracts or commitments!

For our 'Done For You' service, we have a minimum one-year contract and after one year, you can either continue, or take the reigns yourself and downgrade to our platinum plan all while running the same services as your DFY plan.

Can I speak to somebody if I have questions?

Yes, we have a support team who can answer your questions 24/7! Just click on the "support" link at the bottom of any of our pages or go to https://wedo.ai.

If I deactivate my account, will all of my data be lost?

Your data won't be accessible after you cancel your account, but don't worry- you'll have the opportunity to download CSV files of your contacts and members before taking that step.

Can I integrate my favorite autoresponders / shopping carts?

We recommend that people use Wedo AI to run their company, though we understand that some of our customers have favorite tools they used in the past. Therefore, we integrate with most top service providers and have made any integration easy through zaps.

Will I need to download anything?

Wedo AI was created for people who want to build a website without having an entire IT department! You can login and start creating!

Can you handle the workload?

Yes! With Wedo AI being hosted on the world's biggest public cloud providers (AWS and GCP) we can autoscale in real time to meet any demand. So whether you're sending 100 visitors or 10s of millions today, we won't break a sweat.

Who will have access to the data / content / subscribers?

All content on your website (including user-generated content) is completely owned by you. Wedo AI does not have permission to use that content or contact your users for any reason - it's simply a tool for YOU to deliver YOUR own unique content.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel your account directly within our software.

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